The DTM Launch Campaign: please show your support today!

Thank you to all those who have supported The DTM Launch Campaign. You’ve made it possible for me to create this website, and to cover stories like the recent Downtown Mall beating,  which impacted our community on a national level. It’s certainly been a unique experience writing about such a story as a private citizen with no affiliation to a newspaper. It’s made me believe that in this day and age you can kill the paper, but you can’t kill the journalist or the public’s thirst for quality news and information. Again, I’ll ask for your support in funding the launch of this project. Things are fast developing in a way that may make it possible for this news website to be self-sustaining, but it will require training wheels for a time. Can I count on you to help me get a running start?


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  1. Your ‘compassionate’ story about a terrified couple getting beat to shit leaves out a couple of things:
    (a) You conviently avoid the question of whether the victims performed ANY act of physical violence. You call it a “fight,” you say they “got the worst of it.” You minimize their injuries. If they didn’t get physical until they were desperately defending themselves then the perpetrators were savages.
    (b) You feel free to condemn the victims without interviewing them. Some “journalism.” Did you learn this working at Fox news?
    (c) The self-admitted perpetrators might not have UNSEALED records of violence yet (they were juveniles until recently in their lives) but now they will. The next time, and there probably will be a next time, they will have ample opportunity to act out their rage among their true peers. Hope they manage too get away with only “soft tissue damage.”

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