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CPD Investigation of Spray Painters

7.1.20 – Charlottesville has no plans to repave after spraypaint incident, despite obtaining cost estimate

6.28.20 – City of Charlottesville estimate to clean spray paint under community scrutiny

6.25.20 – CPD PR: CPD Announces Charges Related to Vandalism on East Market Street

6.21.20 – On Market Street, people used colorful spray paint to write “Black Liberation Now,” “Defund and Abolish CPD, APD, UPD,” and other phrases onto the pavement in front of the police department.

Covid-19 Schools

7.31.20 – City decides on online-only start to the school year, County includes some in-person instruction

7.29.20 – Message from Charlottesville Schools Superintendent Dr. Rosa Atkins ahead of Thursday’s vote. [Scroll down to bottom of article]

7.24.20 – Virginia creating COVID-19 dashboards to help inform school reopening decisions

7.24.20 – Imperfect Measures: County struggles with school re-opening plan

7.22.20 –‘A good deal of trust’: UVA wants students to come back to Charlottesville. What will happen once they get here?

7.22.20 – Left out: Albemarle teachers, parents call out inequity in reopening plans

7.17.20 – Online, in-person or both: Across Virginia, school reopening is the hot-button issue of the summer

7.16.20 – UVA Professor of Economics Dr. Ed Burton delivers analysis on the Charlottesville economy and it’s negative relationship with increased restrictions, and gives thoughts on the repercussions of not allowing children to attend school this fall. [radio podcast]

7.16.20 – UVa to require a negative COVID-19 test before students can return to Grounds

7.14.20 – Charlottesville City Schools consider September start date, all-virtual learning

7.14.20 – Albemarle to draft online-only reopening plan following pushback from staff

7.13.20 – Walker: UVa reopening plan ‘a recipe for disaster’

7.10.20 – Teachers, parents weigh in as Charlottesville City Schools plan for fall

7.9.20 –Albemarle County teachers share safety concerns ahead of return to school

7.7.20 – School’s (not) out: City schools debate reopening

7.7.20 – Charlottesville teachers express concerns about classes resuming at school board meeting

7.7.20 – ‘No right decision’: Charlottesville board grapples with how to reopen schools

7.6.20 – Charlottesville City Schools staff don’t want face-to-face opening, prefer virtual opening

7.4.20 – ‘Impossible questions’: School divisions face range of concerns as they plan for reopening

7.3.20-Charlottesville City Schools releases draft of 2020-2021 school year

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