David McNair

DTM News Vault

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of writing a number of stories about the Mall, as did my colleagues at the Hook. Here’s a choice selection — David McNair

Hotel city: When will Charlottesville get ‘roomier’?

Feedback loop: Red Light turns on at the Southern

Hip-hope: Annex fighting perceptions

Which way for Belmont Bridge?

Season of giving: Is panhandling, vagrancy, destroying the Downtown Mall?

Down and out: Controversy erupts over panhandling downtown

Rotunda to Rivanna: the future of our urban core

Firefight: details emerge in Downtown Mall shooting

Under fire: Is the Elks Lodge getting a bad rap?

Downtown showdown: Councilors, planners in Mall square off

Last picture show: Vinegar Hill to close after 37 years

Store-afront: Mall store demo done without approval

Moving Mall: Downtown set for mega-changes

Boomtown flats: Downtown’s building frenzy

Downtown crime: Reading the statistical tea leaves

Mauling the Mall? Don’t change the bricks: Halprin

Tourist trap? Parking lot giving City bad rap, officials say

Apologizing robber gets 11 years

  1. What ever happened to that guy that was beatened to unconsciousness near the downtown mall and was hospitalized for days?

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