Farewell, Preston Coiner

A lovely tribute to DTM lover Preston Coiner from Steve Trumbull and his Charlottesville Then & Now blog: “Preston Coiner loved the downtown area of Charlottesville and lived, worked and owned commercial property here. He loved to walk the downtown mall and chats with passers-by, many of whom he knew personally but plenty of others…

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Ben Arthur comes to The Garage

The Hook–Though now a resident of New York City, the thirty-nine year-old Harrisonburg native has deep roots in Charlottesville. As an undergraduate at the University of Virginia, Arthur studied music, anthropology, business, and poetry as an interdisciplinary Echols Scholar. He became a familiar name playing his singer-songwriter standards in the music venues and coffee shops…

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Ambassadors or bouncers?

DTM business owners and patrons have apparently been giving City Council an earful about rude or aggressive behavior from some folks on the DTM, and so council has decided to spend $80,000 to hire four “Downtown Mall ambassadors.” Councilor have been quick to say its not a “crack down” on the homeless, though much of…

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