Be careful, even rock stars get towed on the Downtown Mall. Check out this story from musician, and Charlottesville native, Dave Matthews.

Of course, if you follow the rules–make sure you read what the parking rules are, and what happens if you go over your time–you won’t end up like Dave Matthews. And, since many of the shops and restaurants on the DTM validate parking, you shouldn’t sweat it.

Here’s the most recent information about the parking situation Downtown from the City of Charlottesville.

Here’s a video, courtesy of Charlottesville Hot Yoga, that gives you a good overview of the parking options Downtown. There are actually quite a few!

Parking Garages

Water Street Parking Garage: open until Midnight Monday thru Wednesday, until 1am Thursday thru Saturday, and until 10pm on Sunday. $2 an hour. Don’t want to be out on the town and not get your car before the garage closes: $50 to get your car out, if you can reach someone at 434.825.8854.

Market Street Parking Garage: same hours, rate as Water Street Garage. Same deal if you don’t get your car out before it closes.

Omni Hotel: you can park at the hotel garage for $2.00 an hour. (Do NOT park in the Staples parking lot across the street, which is reserved for Staples customers and you run the risk of being towed.) Free, of course, if you’re staying at the hotel.

Parking Lots

Water Street Lot
: same hours as Water Street Garage, but a little more expensive at $2.50 an hour. Plus, you can get your car out of there.
Citizens Commonwealth Center: since the UVA Community Credit Union left the building, there’s a lot of spaces here. $5 for the evening.

218 West Market Street: real close to the Mall, but not a lot of spaces. $5 for the evening.

Charlottesville City Water Street lot: metered parking during the day, but free at night. This is where they have the Charlottesville City Market, so no parking there on Saturday during the growing season.


NOTE on Vehicle crossings: there are two: one at 4th Street, and one at 2nd Street NW. Fourth Street crossing entrance on Market Street goes south, 2nd Street crossing on Water Street goes north


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