Citizen Burger Bar coming to the DTM

The Hook has the scoop, as usual. 🙂 Yes, the owner of the Virginian, West Main Restaurant, Three, and the Biltmore is opening a place on the DTM in the space formerly occupied by Siips. Andy McClure says he’s shooting for a Memorial Day weekend opening. Finallly, a real pub/sports bar on the DTM!

This from the owner:

We believe kicking back with a delicious burger [editor: note the American Burger pictured left!] and a beer is your right – perhaps even your responsibility. To that end, we’ve teamed up with nearby farms around C-Ville to bring you the most naturally produced, highest quality and best-tasting burgers around. (We think you’ll agree: if you’re going to eat meat, that’s the way to do it.)

We’re proud to present the menu, but our bar will be no slouch, either… Citizen will feature a huge curated collection of beers, many of them VA-born-and-bred, along with some pretty inspired cocktails. Our wise and benevolent bar staff will be happy to recommend the perfect libation to complement your meal or your mood – just ask ‘em.

Our vision is anything but complicated: we believe in good food, cold drinks, and common ground. We know we’re not alone on that – and that’s how the idea for Citizen came about. This is the burger bar for the people. We can’t wait to welcome you in.


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