Ambassadors or bouncers?

DTM business owners and patrons have apparently been giving City Council an earful about rude or aggressive behavior from some folks on the DTM, and so council has decided to spend $80,000 to hire four “Downtown Mall ambassadors.” Councilor have been quick to say its not a “crack down” on the homeless, though much of the “problem behavior” likely comes from that population, but instead a way to make people feel welcome on the Mall. Ambassadors, they say, will “assist tourists, provide extra maintenance, build relationships with business owners, and help direct the homeless to appropriate service providers, among other things,” says the DP.  Hmmm…still unclear exactly how they will prevent bad behavior, not just from the homeless, but from folks pouring out of bars and shows late at night. This could be something to watch. And that’s what council has decided to do: fund the program for a year and see what happens. Photo by daquella manera

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