Don’t miss the Dane Alderson Trio


On Monday there was only a small crowd gathered around Midnight at Rapture for the Dane Alderson Trio’s regular gig, but they were all listening, really listening. No one was playing pool, chatting, or even going to the bathroom. A lot of the people in the crowd were musicians themselves, come to hear one of the more extraordinary regular acts on the DTM. Alderson, an electric bass virtuoso and prodigy from Australia, along with guitarist Mark Miller and drummer Mike Taylor, have been delivering a fusion jazz/rock experience that summons the ghosts of Jaco Pastorious and Jimi Hendrix, both technically amazing and funked out. Really, between the Hogwaller Ramblers on Sunday at Fellini’s, the Rick Olivarez Trio at the C&O on Tuesday, and Anderson and company at Rapture on Mondays, the backend and beginning of the week on the DTM is the time to venture out if you’re into hearing some extraordinary artists. What’s more, on Monday Alderson, who is also one of the nicest people you’re likely meet, told the crowd that they’re planning on introducing some new, original and experimental stuff at their Monday night gigs in October.

Check them out this coming Monday. Click here for more info.


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