A taste of a Taste of India

Taste of India-imageFor years I wrote The Dish restaurant column for The Hook, but this week marks the first time I’ve written about a restaurant for C-Ville Weekly, and it just happens to be a relatively new arrival on the DTM — Dave McNair

“August 26, 2013 was a momentous day for Taste of India’s manager Kamal Khatri. Not only did the Nepalese-born restaurateur open the Downtown Mall restaurant on that day with his uncle, Ashok Kunver, but halfway around the world his wife gave birth to their first son. Khatri has yet to meet his new baby, busy as he is running the third restaurant in the family’s crown, but he tries to stay focused on making the restaurant a success before his wife and son’s arrival from Nepal in February.

“It’s very hard,” said Khatri. “But I keep telling myself I am doing it for them, to make the business good for my family.”  READ MORE

Photo from Taste of India Facebook page.

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