Boost Your Bottom Line: Advertise on The DTM!

Photo by Anita Byers
Photo by Anita Byers

Sorry, a bit of shameless marketing for you today. But its a great opportunity for Downtown area business and organizations who want to create a buzz or get some attention. The DTM had 69,000 page views in January, and just recently a post about the new restaurant The Alley Light generated close to 2,000 direct page views in two days! Listen to what one Downtown business owners had to say recently:

Since I don’t have much time (or interest) in social networking other than an occasional post on Facebook, I appreciated the information posted on The DTM by Dave McNair. Trying to let others know that the musician “88 Keys Wilson” was turning 88 was difficult at best. But after The DTM posted something about the birthday event we held for him people who wouldn’t have known otherwise came to the event. I will continue posting information on The DTM because it seems to reach so many people!” – Jaclynn Dunkle, owner, Fellini’s #9 Restaurant, on the effectiveness of the DTM’s Event Feature.

Indeed, if you’ve got a special event or promotion coming up, advertising on The DTM is a fast, affordable, and effective way to get the word out. What’s more, as a stakeholder in the Downtown area, you’ll be helping to build a go-to online destination for all things DTM. Visit our Advertising Section for more information and contact us today!


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