Local author on The DTM mission

Jackson-BCR-smile-02Local author Jackson Landers posted this on his Facebook page recently. I’m so grateful for the kind words and support. And I hope you’ll check out the important work Jackson is doing by visiting his website at jacksonlanders.com

For a long time I had no money. At all. Like, did not have enough money for gas to go into town and see other human beings. Recently that has changed. I am not rolling in dough, but things are better. I could maybe be doing little things like buying movies on Amazon for $5 each. But then where would I be afterward? I can just as easily read a book off of my own shelf for free. If you find yourself in a similar situation, and if you live near Charlottesville, consider throwing that $5 (or more) to David McNair’s new independent news organization, Charlottesville DTM. Over the last few months, Dave has scooped the other local news outlets several times and provided the kind of in-depth and critical (when necessary) news coverage that The Hook did before it was shut down.

Dave has no money. No advertisers. There is no power-broker or moneyed organization that will give him pause before posting an article that he thinks that you need to know about. And he has a long record of serious journalism under skilled, critical editors which leads me to believe that his organization’s work will continue to be accurate and important.

Won’t you please throw Charlottesville DTM a few dollars in order to support their work? Dave is entitled to the dignity of a roof over his head while he does this important work. I have not seen a dentist in at least 4 years, and yet I managed to give him $20 today. Probably you can donate that much and perhaps more with less sacrifice than I have made in order to support this valuable work. ”

DTM Launch Campaign

— Jackson Landers, hunter, author, adventurer


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