Vintage DTM: flashback to the 1910s

The Monticello Bank Building was built on Main Street in Downtown Charlottesville in the 1850s and is seen in this photograph from the 1910s by Rufus Holsinger (courtesy Special Collections, UVA Library).  The building was only used as a bank for a small portion of its 100 year history.  Reynolds-Zink Hardware was located on the bottom floor of the building. Next to the hardware store is Keller and George, the jeweler that has had various locations over the past century but is still in business today. Main Street in this era was paved with bricks and had an electric trolley running down the center. Both motor vehicles and horses were common.  With two other hardware stores within a couple of blocks, Reynolds-Zink Hardware would be out of business within a few years of this image. The building would be demolished in the 1950s and replaced with Miller and Rhoads, a department store. Today, the same location houses Five Guys Burgers on the Downtown Mall. Vintage DTM is produced by C’ville Images (


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