Sandwich Lab: Lunch on the DTM just got a little more interesting

Something cooking on the DTM? This Sandwich Lab sticker was spotted on a telephone poll on the DTM.

In a secret laboratory deep beneath Hamilton’s at First & Main, it appears that Chef Curtis Shaver and his staff have been working on a cure for a condition that many of us 9-5 workers on the DTM have suffered from: Chronic Same Old Lunch Option Syndrome, or C-SOLOS. Symptoms may include not really wanting to eat at all, or just going along with what everyone else is doing, getting pizza or dumplings again, scarfing that left-over pizza or chicken wing in the break-room fridge, making some lame attempt to bring your own lunch, or just drinking coffee all day until you’re freaking starving around 6pm.

Welcome to the Sandwich Lab.

From what the DTM has be able to learn, Shaver and his crew are planning to roll-out a limited number of “killer” carry-out sandwiches for pick-up at Noon at Hamilton’s on Wednesday, April 9.

These will apparently be unique and interesting chef-created sandwiches, using local ingredients, that’ll cost you just $7. DTM sources say they could cause extreme euphoria and vivid dreaming. We’re assured there are no hallucinogenic ingredients being used.

“The whole idea of sandwich lab is for us in the kitchen to let out a more creative side that’s not center of the plate entree focused,” says Shaver. ” We want to come up with fun, unique sandwiches that you won’t get anywhere else.”

The first sandwich, says Shaver, will be a grilled hickory smoked Double H Farm pork belly with green tomato relish, collard green slaw, pimento cheese, sriracha mayo on an Albemarle Baking Company hoagie roll.

The DTM has also learned that this is going to become a regular thing, and that there are plans to eventually collaborate with other chefs and local food producers to explore new sandwich creations. Good news for C-SOLOS sufferers. Look for more about The Sandwich Lab on The DTM.

To reserve your Sandwich Lab sandwich, call Hamilton’s at 434-295-6649.  Remember, there are only 12 of these Sandwich Lab sandwiches available, so order yours now!

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