Vintage DTM: Woolworth’s, Miller’s in the 1980s

-16This photograph of the 100 block of West Main Street shows patio seating for what appears to be Miller’s on the Downtown Mall. Miller’s opened in in 1981 in the former Miller’s drugstore.  This section of the DTM was installed several years after the original brick-paved pedestrian mall.  Note that the Willow Oak trees in the next block are significantly larger than those in the foreground. (Of course, also note what the Willow Oaks look like compared to what they look like now!) Miller’s is still in business today but many of the other businesses seen in this photo, including the Woolworth’s at First and Main, are long gone. Although this image came to us undated, a fair guess is that this is mid-late 1980s. More vintage Charlottesville photos at





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