Private security on the DTM? Local firm, for now, is doing it for free in the wake of the Hannah Graham abduction

Downtown Mall store owners and visitors might have noticed a new security presence on the DTM. That’s because Jim Traynor, owner of Crozet-based Traynor Security & Investigations, has taken it upon himself to add additional Mall security in the wake of the abduction of UVA student Hannah Graham.

“ No one hired my firm to provide security to the Downtown Mall,” says Traynor. “  I did it on my own because I feel they should have security there.  Especially after the Hannah Graham abduction.”

Traynor says that he and his officers have been getting good feedback from store owners, restaurant owners, and pedestrians about the volunteer patrols, with many saying that “it’s been long overdue to have security at the Downtown Mall.”

“Unfortunately, I can’t provide the Security for free much longer,” says Traynor. “ Even though I’m not getting paid by anyone, I have to pay my officers.”

When asked, Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo said he was unaware of any private security presence on the DTM.

“I have offered my services to them [the police] and they told me no they don’t need it,” said Traynor.

At the time of this post, Longo had not yet responded to questions about the appropriateness and/or legality of Traynor’s efforts. Stay tuned.


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  1. While Mr. Traynor’s intentions may be good (I sure hope so). He is in severe violation of the law. Private security companies are only able to provide security if contracted to do so by the property/business owner. Anyone employed by Traynor Security & Investigations working at the DTM puts themselves at risk of serious liability issues if they were to get involved with any incident there.
    I hope Mr. Traynor is not using this horrendous incident of Hannah Graham’s disappearance to gain advertising for his company.
    I am sure Chief Longo will handle this appropriately now that he is aware of this inappropriate/illegal security presence at the DTM.

  2. Does Traynor Security mandate that their employees take CIT training??? Yes I think he is trying to build up demand for his business. what a sick way to do it!!

  3. I agree that the downtown mall is in dire need of security. It and the surrounding area has become a hotbed for muggings, vehicle break-ins, and assaults. If you look at the statistics these three crimes are on the rise. I fear that some may even go unreported in fear of “seeming racist”.
    There are a lot of panhandlers and sometimes they get aggressive. They should not even be allowed on the downtown mall.

    I feel as if we don’t come together as a community and start thinking about measures whether they be security cameras or guards things will only get very slowly worse. It’s the kind of thing I believe creeps up on small urban communities. So what if there is only 10 more assaults one year and then 15 more then next. But do the math, how many more is that in ten years? Twenty years?

    But that’s our kid’s problem right?

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