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Since 2012, The DTM has been a local, completely independent effort to bring you news, information, perspective, and observations on all things downtown Charlottesville, and more. From the beginning it’s been a labor of love, with some much need support from readers along the way. Now I’d like to ask that you support the DTM so that I can continue to expand coverage, serve as a megaphone for your voices, and offer special services to the public and downtown businesses and organizations. Basically, it’s pretty simple…just become a DTM Patron through Patreon [a premiere online platform for supporting creators of all types] for as little as $1 a month [more is encouraged, of course] and you can rest easy knowing there’s a news source in town obliged to no one’s bottom line or special interests.


David McNair


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  1. Dave,

    I am sure you have many more readers after the events of 2017. Maybe the most sustainable way for you to run DTM is to sell ads.

    Best wishes,



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