Forget the ‘Rolling Stone’ Debacle: At UVA, 38 Reports of Sexual Violence, 0 Expulsions Last Year


Takepart — The details will seem all too familiar: A woman at the University of Virginia says she was raped at a fraternity. The school is accused of mishandling the matter. A journalist reports the allegations, leading to national news coverage and protests against the university.

Last fall’s Rolling Stone article? No, this was in 2004. The incident took place in 2001. The report appeared in a now-defunct weekly newspaper, The Hook, published in Charlottesville, Virginia, where UVA is located. Its accuracy has never been questioned.

Seemingly lost in the media firestorm surrounding Rolling Stone’s now discredited article depicting a 2012 gang rape at a UVA fraternity house is one small nugget that’s been reported many times: According to UVA spokesperson Anthony Paul de Bruyn, no UVA student has been expelled for sexual assault or rape in the last 10 years. READ MORE

Take Note: shows at Rapture through December 4

RAPTURE-9-30Wed. Oct. 29th – Gina Sobel & the Mighty Fine // Ginger & the Castaways
Genre(s): Jazz / Jam / Soul

Thurs. Oct. 30th
“Rhythm Control”
featuring DJ LaMonte
Genre(s): Progressive / Techno / Electro

Fri. Oct. 31st – Halloween with Superunknown
Genre(s): 90s / Alternative Rock / Covers

Sat. Nov. 1st – DJ Edit
Genre(s): 90s / 00s / Dance Hits

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Private security on the DTM? Local firm, for now, is doing it for free in the wake of the Hannah Graham abduction

Downtown Mall store owners and visitors might have noticed a new security presence on the DTM. That’s because Jim Traynor, owner of Crozet-based Traynor Security & Investigations, has taken it upon himself to add additional Mall security in the wake of the abduction of UVA student Hannah Graham.

“ No one hired my firm to provide security to the Downtown Mall,” says Traynor. “  I did it on my own because I feel they should have security there.  Especially after the Hannah Graham abduction.”

Traynor says that he and his officers have been getting good feedback from store owners, restaurant owners, and pedestrians about the volunteer patrols, with many saying that “it’s been long overdue to have security at the Downtown Mall.”

“Unfortunately, I can’t provide the Security for free much longer,” says Traynor. “ Even though I’m not getting paid by anyone, I have to pay my officers.”

When asked, Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo said he was unaware of any private security presence on the DTM.

“I have offered my services to them [the police] and they told me no they don’t need it,” said Traynor.

At the time of this post, Longo had not yet responded to questions about the appropriateness and/or legality of Traynor’s efforts. Stay tuned.

Zombie Apocalypse coming to the DTM

zvilleSeriously. They’re coming. On Saturday, October 25th, the Downtown Mall of Charlottesville will be ground zero for Z-VILLE: an experiment in total zombie domination.

Participating stores on Charlottesville’s historic Downtown pedestrian mall will zombify their staffs – posting the official Z-VILLE warning in their windows – and bracing for the human stampede.

Local shoppers are warned to get out of their houses and come to the Downtown Mall to experience this (hopefully) once in a lifetime zombie simulation.

Out of town shoppers are advised that this is never-ever going to happen in their town in ten lifetimes, so they better get their families out of Dodge and over to Charlottesville, VA on October 25th.

Other undead activities during the weekend are the annual Danger. Zombies. 5k Run. on Sunday morning. Plus, at the Paramount on Sunday night: Ghostbusters and the London National Theater’s Frankenstein.

Spontaneous zombie generation is encouraged. So shoppers, too, are invited to participate in the mall carnage.

for more information contact primary instigator:  Brian Wimer

Take Note: shows at Threepenny Cafe through October 26

SGsJ0lzqr86d5WAYpQzBPAU9KSG2PiwavdZzV2Scjqv2UswmQz2VbQunyL17eoI33xiEpenZuv1t8xzq6Qh9p8h_93gYb_h8fl7blY77BoYlGOGmBEoD1CfJBKzwMOu6VI5EoGLRz2nixTMA0z93YOTN2eNNEgYFQynin-U=s0-d-e1-ftEvent Times
Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday – 8pm
Friday – 10pm
Saturday – (Early) 1pm, (Late) 10pm

Thurs. Oct. 9th – Paulo Franco
Genre(s) – Country / Blues / Rock

Fri. Oct. 10th – Moon
Genre(s) – Rock / Pop / Covers

Sat. Oct. 11th
Early Show
Bill Staton, Mike Poznansky, Oona Love
Genre(s) – Folk / Americana / Singer-Songwriter
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