Pond Scum or Dog Poop? Daily Show segment visits the DTM

Priceless segment on the Daily Show about the gubernatorial race between Cuccinelli and Mcauliffe, featuring our own Larry Sabato and folks on the DTM. Sabato calls the two candidates “some of the worst I’ve ever seen,” and reveals that one voter he talked to compared them to a choice between “cancer and a heart attack.” Daily Show correspondent Al Madrigal then prepared two horrible Cuccinelli and Mcauliffe drinks and offered them to people on the DTM. “Which one would you like to drink for the next fours years?” he asked. Gagging ensued. Then he deducted that the choice was like a choice between “pond scum” and “dog poop.” Oh, priceless, check out the little kid at the end.
See anyone you know in this segment?


Bruce on the DTM

The Hook — At an event that was a political rally and a concert, rock superstar Bruce Springsteen fired up the mostly pro-Obama crowd with acoustic versions of “No Surrender,” “The Promised Land,” a funny Obama campaign song he wrote, “We Take Care of Our Own,” and “Thunder Road.”

Democratic candidate for senate Tim Kaine introduced the Boss, saying “Thunder Road” by this “guy from New Jersey” was the best song he’d ever heard when he was a 17-year old kid growing up in the Midwest. Springsteen would sing the song for Kaine at the end of the show, and wish him good luck. READ MORE

Stuff to know about Obama visit

Admission is free, but you’ll need a ticket. You can get them at the Charlottesville and Albemarle, and Palmyra OFA field offices and at 1325 West Main, on the Corner.

Charlottesville will shut school down mid-day, and Albemarle Countyis saying that it will close some schools early Wednesday to beat the presidential traffic.

Expect some protesting.

This is a big deal for little Charlottesville.

From the City: Parking, Traffic and City Office Hours Information for Presidential Visit on August 29th:

The City Hall Annex Building will close at 11:00 am. This closure will affect the following City offices:

Parks and Recreation
Social Services
Voter Registrar
Information Technology

City Hall will remain open; however access to the building will only be available via the Market Street entrance or the 6th Street entrance. The main entrance to the building located on the Downtown Mall and the 7th Street entrance will be closed all day.

The Key Recreation Center will be closed all day Wednesday.

The Downtown Transit Center and the Charlottesville/Albemarle Convention and Visitors Bureau Visitors Center will close at 11:00 am.

Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) service will be detoured as follows:

The Downtown Transit Center will close at 11:00 am and will reopen once the event is over and roads are open to traffic.
All stops on Market Street between Ridge/McIntire and 9th Street NE will not be serviced beginning at noon.
All stops on Water Street between Ridge/McIntire and 10th Street NE will not be serviced beginning at noon with the exception of the Omni Hotel stop on Water Street.
Routes affected will be the FREE TROLLEY, 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
Due to heavy traffic, delays are expected.

Road closures will begin at noon and are as follows:

Water Street at 4th Street SE
Water Street at 10th Street NE
9th Street SE at Graves Street
9th Street SE at Levy Street
East Market Street at 9th Street NE
The 700 Block of East Market Street at 7th Street NE

The Market Street and Water Street Parking Garages will operate as normal. Visitors are encouraged to park in the garages as street parking will be limited.

City Schools will be closing early on Wednesday to avoid conflicts with the street closures due to the visit.

We will update this information as necessary.

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Mrs. President to visit the DTM on Friday

First lady Michelle Obama will be at the Main Street Arena in Charlottesville this Friday afternoon at 1:40pm, doing some stumping for her husband. Tickets are being distributed on a first come, first serve basis at the Organizing for America office, also on the DTM at 407 East Main Street.

Does the Mall need a stronger police presence?

From the DP: The mall, widely touted as the epicenter of city life, marked its 35th anniversary last summer, but there has been an uptick in disorderly activity, according to a statement accompanying the proposal on a list of unfunded city projects.

“The city has seen an increase in pedestrian traffic, unruly juveniles, crimes associated with homelessness and aggressive panhandling. Without this plan, the department will be forced to continue to spend overtime and other resources to address these problems and miss an opportunity to improve public safety on and around the Downtown Mall,” the statement reads. “… Merchant and citizen stakeholders have also voiced concerns that the Downtown Mall is an unsafe environment and that change can only be achieved through the leveraging of technology and additional resources.”