The Box for lunch? new food and space renovation

The Box owner Chas Webster has partnered with realto-restaranteur Stu Rifkin and Ten’s Pei Chang to renovate the space and bring new food options to the restaurant. You really should check it out, especially for lunch during the week.

Check some of what Pei Chang has created:

Kurobuta Pork Belly: 7.00
kolkuchi, mirin, sake
Grilled Skirt Steak: 8.00
kalbi glaze
Crispy Rock Shrimp: 6.00

cayenne, yuzu
Cold Fried Chicken: 6.00
charred scallions, buttermilk ranch
Seasonal Grilled Vegetables: 6.00
zhenjiang vinegar

Chicken Noodle Soup: 6.00
pho flavors, thai basil, mint
Rice Noodle Salad: 6.00

red leaf lettuce, pickled daikon and carrots, bean sprouts, cucumbers, asian herbs

Daily Offerings
Simple Green Salad: 4.00
Manikintowne greens, yuzu, honey
Sweet Potato Tempura: 4.00
turmeric, dried shrimp, nuoc cham
Fresh Pineapple: 3.00
chile, lime
Vietamese Style Coffee: 3.00

cafe du monde, condensed milk, ice

Of course, the music line-up and wild ass night-life is still a Box feature, too. Here’s an upcoming sample:

Big Daddy Love, May 17

Big Daddy Love’s multiple performances at 2011’s Floyd Festival made it clear that this is likely the most important new band to watch in the East Coast roots rock and Americana community. Having only been together since the Summer of 2009, Big Daddy Love– founded by high school friends from the rural hill country of Sparta, NC– was just playing a handful of North Carolina markets when they made their first trip to Floyd in 2010, where they won the prestigious “Under The Radar” contest for the best new artist at the large, Virginia festival.

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