Bike rally, boar roast at Black Market Moto Saloon

Not technically the DTM, but the nightlife and culinary outposts at the end of East Market Street could one day be linked to the DTM via the Coal Tower trail and future development, so what the hell. Lunchbox, Black Market Moto Saloon, Beer Run, we welcome you. Plus, an event at the Black Market Moto Saloon on Saturday, June 2 could be the most happening thing going in the “downtown” area.

They’re calling it the first annual C’Ville Knievel Vintage Motorcycle Rally. Here’s some PR:

In this all day neighborhood blowout we’ll be showcasing vintage bikes, roasting a massive boar, slinging beer, and hosting a staggering lineup of Rock N’ Roll and Circus theatrics from sword swallowers to aerial silk dancers. Don’t miss the Elvis impersonator or the Twelve piece marching Brass Band!!! A Knievel worthy salute to Charlottesville at the strike of Midnight will leave your wheels spinning, not to mention your head. All ages.

Starts at Noon. Tickets are $10 at the door, and include food.  Beer will be available.  The fun will last until midnight.

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