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State Investigation of August 12 in Charlottesville cites miscommunication

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From the State investigation into the events of August 12:
“…James W. Baker, a consultant with the International Association of Chiefs of Police who led the review, said state police and local police each had their own response plans, which should have been unified before the event. Baker said that despite collaboration and meetings in advance, “we were left with the impression not everyone was clear what their roles were.”

He said that in some instances, rank-and-file police on the ground were confused about where commands were coming from and, in others, commanders were not always clear where units were positioned. Baker also recommended a “more robust permitting process” going forward, which he said would have gone far to head off violence. Read the rest of this entry »


DTM Beer Garden: event could set a welcome precedent

In Events on November 6, 2017 at 4:33 pm

Here’s some pretty cool things about the upcoming Heal C-Ville Beer Garden event on November 18, on a few fronts. One, as unique event, bringing DTM restaurants and retailers together, along with a bunch of great breweries represented, to open up an actual section of the DTM into an event space for a cause. Two, as a precedent-setting step. Will this set the stage for other DTM street fair events?

As it stands now, ABC regulations prohibit restaurant patrons from walking the ten or fifteen feet between a restaurant door and an outdoor eating space with a drink in hand, but the Beer Garden event organizers, restaurateurs Hunter Smith and Will Rickey, came up with a way to circumvent that for this special event.

“We had a unique opportunity through Brasserie Saison to pull a manufacturer’s multi-day event license from the Virginia ABC, which is a privilege extended to breweries in Virginia,” says Smith. “With support and input of the DBAC, ABC, and Virginia Tourism Corp.”

Basically, that means you’ll be able to walk around and drink beer between the corner of First Street, where Old Metropolitan Hall is, and the the west edge of the Paramount Theater. According to Smith, it will be very clear to people on the DTM that the area is not being blocked off for the event, but rather opened up for everyone to enjoy, or not.

Now imagine regular “street” fairs like this, where food and drink is available all around you as you stroll, and shops are pouring onto the street with their wares, and no one has to be corralled into cafe spaces, or herded into an event space at the Pavilion. Indeed, Smith says he hopes to organize more events like this in the future.

Heal C-Ville Beer Garden, November 18, 2pm to 6pm. All proceeds will benefit Unity C’ville [https://www.unitycville.com], a local non-profit committed to racial and economic justice that was started by Smith and John Kluge, with input from many other community stakeholders.

beer garden 2

From Comedy to Tragedy: what I saw at the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville

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By David McNair

The first thing I saw when I approached the Unite the Right rally on Saturday, August 12 here in Charlottesville was a guy across from Market Street Market selling bottled water for $2 out of his car, saying, “I figured I had to make the most of it.” The next thing I saw were a group of Unite the Right protesters gathered on the corner of Market Street and 3rd Street NE, dressed like middle-schoolers going to a war games-themed birthday party, with make-shift helmets, shields, and batons. All this was at first quite comical. The group paused on the corner for a moment, issued an obscure kind of war cry, and marched fast toward the park with various photographers running backwards quickly trying to capture the action.

At the park, the Unite the Right protesters had already gathered in a double fenced off section of the park, and you could stand and view them like exotic animals in a zoo. They all faced outward, pressing against the steel fencing, and harassed and verbally abused onlookers, many of whom returned the favor. There was a lot of vulgar harassment of women from the group, and I heard one guy say to a woman, “You’re a little chubby around the edges, but I’d f##k you, Bitch.” There were women with them, too, and I noticed how they had no expressions on their faces as the men they were with said this stuff. Still, it all seemed comical. Were these guys serious? Meanwhile, I spotted what appeared to be self-styled, bearded militiamen walking around in fatigues and assault rifles with odd assortments of insignia on their “uniforms.” They all looked very serious, and no one I spoke to could tell me exactly why they were there, but at that point their inscrutable countenance seemed comical, too. Were they expecting some kind of armed ambush from some opposing guerrilla army? Meanwhile, various public officials and notable citizens milled about, seeming a little amused by this particular circus that came to town. They could stand safely at the edge of the fencing around the park and observe various white supremacists and neo-nazis spewing slogans and insulting people. I saw friends and colleagues and we had time to chat. A couple of local guys had thought to put loud speakers on the top of a nearby building, and they had the words of James Baldwin playing in a continuous loop. Nearby a guy had set up an easel and he was painting comic book-style portraits of Robert E. Lee and Donald Trump.

20708191_1686411471433314_8139878792168219992_nOn the steps to the Market Street entrance to the park a group of clergy, including Harvard scholar Dr. Cornell West, blocked the entrance and quietly demanded that the Unite the Right protesters gathered below them “stand down” and not enter the park. this standoff went of for a few moments, until the Unite the Right protesters finally walked up the steps and pushed them violently aside.

That’s when things seemed to shift, that’s when it started not to be so comical. Fights in the street broke out shortly after that between Unite the Right protesters and counter-protesters. And over the next 45 minutes or so that intensified. At one point I was standing beside one of Charlottesville’s city councilors as he tried to film the scene, and had to nudge him aside as a smoke bomb canister came hurling toward us. Rocks, tear gas, bottles filled with bleach, and balloons filled with urine would follow. I saw bloodied heads and faces. I saw scared people running past me, other who looked like they would gladly smash you in the face if you looked them. A saw a TV crew flee the tent they had set up under across the park. I watched as an African-American TV camera man tried to put his camera on a tripod, but was having trouble because his hands were shaking so much. I heard someone say, “The cops have vanished.” And sure enough, I looked around and the state police who had been standing along the fencing earlier were gone.

20728279_1686410811433380_2776422500373341158_nI then looked up and a screaming, angry mob of white supremacists and neo-nazis had totally taken over the park, ringing its edges with their home-made riot gear. Not only was this not comical anymore, it was frightening. Why weren’t police stepping in now? At that point, you knew something bad was about to happen, that people were going to get hurt, that a surge of violent energy had been let loose on our town. Within the hour, three people would be dead, and dozens injured.

Nazis invade Charlottesvillle, DTM

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This Vice report pretty much tells you all you need to know about what happened in Charlottesville on August 12, 2017.


Hugged & Shoved: hugging protester says she was roughed up by city police

In Activism, Events on July 10, 2017 at 12:17 am

At Saturday’s Klan Rally Protest, Charlottesville resident Heather Rose Ratesic Dorsey, who was there to protest the Klan, gave one of the state troopers guarding an entrance way for the Klan a hug (see photo left).

“I have always been taught to respect everyone and I am sure that they needed more than a hug at that point,” says Dorsey.

About an hour later, however, after the Klan had left, Dorsey was shoved to the ground by a city cop (number 67) while standing on the north sidewalk of High Street.

“I wasn’t doing anything when someone behind me stepped on my flip flop,” she says. ” I turned around, it was a cop. I asked him to get off my shoe and he grabbed my arm and threw me to the ground.”

She suffered wounds to her arm (see photo right), had her flip-flop broken, and was treated and released at MedExpress. Dorsey says a city police sergeant came to her house that night to take pictures and file a report.

Dorsey says she’ll turn in a required handwritten complaint form on Monday, and pursue things from there. But the experience has rattled her in confusing ways. She says the photo of her hugging the trooper cause some unexpected backlash. Liberal FB friends called her a racist for hugging the trooper and unfriended her.

“I wasn’t there for a fight,” says Dorsey. “My emotions are all over the place. It’s like a nightmare to be honest.”

Take Note: shows at the Whiskey Jar through November 29

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10353026_703913419685189_4870640389132265804_nFRI. OCT. 24th – EMMA LEIGH w/ THE BRIAN PATRICK BAND
Genre(s): C Read the rest of this entry »

Zombie Apocalypse coming to the DTM

In Events on October 8, 2014 at 3:20 pm

zvilleSeriously. They’re coming. On Saturday, October 25th, the Downtown Mall of Charlottesville will be ground zero for Z-VILLE: an experiment in total zombie domination.

Participating stores on Charlottesville’s historic Downtown pedestrian mall will zombify their staffs – posting the official Z-VILLE warning in their windows – and bracing for the human stampede.

Local shoppers are warned to get out of their houses and come to the Downtown Mall to experience this (hopefully) once in a lifetime zombie simulation.

Out of town shoppers are advised that this is never-ever going to happen in their town in ten lifetimes, so they better get their families out of Dodge and over to Charlottesville, VA on October 25th.

Other undead activities during the weekend are the annual Danger. Zombies. 5k Run. on Sunday morning. Plus, at the Paramount on Sunday night: Ghostbusters and the London National Theater’s Frankenstein.

Spontaneous zombie generation is encouraged. So shoppers, too, are invited to participate in the mall carnage.

for more information contact primary instigator:  Brian Wimer brian@amoebafilms.tv

Take Note: shows at Threepenny Cafe through October 26

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SGsJ0lzqr86d5WAYpQzBPAU9KSG2PiwavdZzV2Scjqv2UswmQz2VbQunyL17eoI33xiEpenZuv1t8xzq6Qh9p8h_93gYb_h8fl7blY77BoYlGOGmBEoD1CfJBKzwMOu6VI5EoGLRz2nixTMA0z93YOTN2eNNEgYFQynin-U=s0-d-e1-ftEvent Times
Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday – 8pm
Friday – 10pm
Saturday – (Early) 1pm, (Late) 10pm

Thurs. Oct. 9th – Paulo Franco
Genre(s) – Country / Blues / Rock

Fri. Oct. 10th – Moon
Genre(s) – Rock / Pop / Covers

Sat. Oct. 11th
Early Show
Bill Staton, Mike Poznansky, Oona Love
Genre(s) – Folk / Americana / Singer-Songwriter
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Take Note: shows at Rapture through November 1

In Events, Music, Take Note on September 30, 2014 at 11:57 pm

RAPTURE-9-30Wed. Oct. 1st – Southern Belles
Genre(s): Rock / Jam / Funk

Sat. Oct. 4th – Duck Brothers
Genre(s): Hip Hop / Top 40 / Mash Ups

Mon. Oct. 6th – ATM Unit
Genre(s): Funk / Jazz / Fusion

Wed. Oct. 8th – Erin & The Wildfire
w/ Midnight Snack
Genre(s): Blues / Rock / Soul

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Take Note: Shows at Whiskey Jar from September 26 to November 1

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Weekly gigs, 6:30 – 9:30 pm
Every Monday Night – Red & The Romantics
Every Tuesday Night – Ragged Mountain String Band
Every Wednesday Night – Olivarez Trio

Genre(s): Rockabilly / Rock n’ Roll

Genre(s): Jazz / Blues / Bossa Nova
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