The DTM: what can’t you walk to?

One of the things that make the DTM so unique is that it is like a little city-scape, or rather all the things that make city streets special packed into these 9 blocks. Seriously, think of all the things you can walk to when you’re standing on the DTM….kinda blows your mind.

You can walk to see a movie, get a coffee, go skating, eat at a nice restaurant, see live music, buy clothes & gifts, pick up prescriptions, go to the bank, go to the library, the post office, catch a bus, get a suit tailored, get a massage, see a doctor, make a public statement (free speech wall), see the police, go to a City Council meeting, play basketball, shop for groceries, buy a book, rest in a park, see art, see a play, get your taxes done, invest money, go to hairdresser or barber, get a hotel room, go to a farmer’s market, go out on the town for late night fun, buy furniture, get a replacement key, get a job, have ice cream, get a cupcake, find antiques, get a rain barrel, talk to a reporter, find a lawyer, go to school, find a daycare, do martial arts, dance, do yoga, workout, go swimming, get burial services, go to church, get fast food, get musical instruments, visit a homeless shelter, learn a language, get your photo taken, take a tour, buy some running shoes, pawn your stuff, buy or sell jewelry, buy a rug, get a nice cigar, get your glasses fixed, find toys for kids, blow your own glass, enjoy a spa day, play music on the street for money, get your nails done, get office supplies, find fun stuff for kids to do, throw money into a fountain for good luck, and….

….got anything to add?


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