Long time coming for Lee Park Pride Festival

Interesting quote from Amy Sarah Marshall, president of the Charlottesville Pride Community Network in a Newsplex story:

“I think it’s been the mode to kind of go with the flow, keep things on the down low. People are still afraid to hold hands on the downtown mall,” the groups president, Amy Sarah Marshall, said. “People are still afraid to tell people at their job that they’re gay.”

Man, that’s stinks…gay people afraid to hold hands on the DTM? Come on, Charlottesville!

Well, the folks at CPCN are planning to do something about this. The first Pride Festival will be held in Lee Park on September 14 from 2 to 6pm. There will be music, food vendors, and a general big celebration. They are also looking for volunteers, sponsors, and performers. Contact festival organizers at festival@cvillepride.org to help out.

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  1. I hope that people will walk the DTM hand in hand with their significant others and feel comfortable. I have recently heard about 2 acquaintances here in Cville that have not come out and it saddens me. It blows my mind that it is 2012 and sexual orientation is still an issue…because of it I have (for better or worse) run out of patience and have no tolerance for intolerance. The gay marriage debate is an equal rights debate, plain and simple. As a heterosexual male that resides in Charlottesville and have decided to set up roots here, I will speak up against anyone that displays bigotry, discrimination, or intolerance.

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