X Lounge X’d for Glass Haus Kitchen

The Hook–Last Saturday night, October 13, was the last dance at the X Lounge, which brought fine dining and clubbing downtown to the Glass Building in 2006. Indeed, it wasn’t uncommon to experience a big city-type urban vibe in the place, helped along by one of downtown’s most edgy and elegantly designed interiors, plus a mixed crowed from all sides of the tracks. The place had been sputtering in the last several months, closing for lengths of time and switching to a private parties-only concept, but now it appears that partners J.F. Legault and Francois Bladt, along with chef Ian Boden (pictured) of Staunton Grocery fame (and more recently the chef at Blue Light), have decided to create a whole new concept for the space. Glass Haus Kitchen, which will serve “inspired American Cuisine.”

“We were looking to get back to our roots, which lie in chef-driven, customer-centric dining and hospitality experiences,” says Legault in a statement. “We quickly picked up on Ian’s culinary passion. That provided the impetus for the new project.”

“My goal with The Glass Haus Kitchen is to offer a great culinary experience in Charlottesville, just like I did in Staunton,” says Boden. “From Spring to Fall, I am confident that we can achieve a 90 percent local and regional food source.”

Look for the Glass Haus Kitchen to open near the end of October.

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