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New DTM restaurant: P4 to become Red Pump, A Tuscan Kitchen

In Food & Wine, Restaurant closing, Restaurant opening on February 14, 2014 at 9:02 pm
Red Pump Tuscan Kitchen Facebook page.

Red Pump Tuscan Kitchen Facebook page.

You’ve probably noticed that Positively 4th Street has been closed and gutted. That’s because its going to become the Red Pump Tuscan Kitchen. Looks like there are some heavy hitters behind the venture, too, namely DMB manager Coran Capshaw and P4 owner Alan Taylor, along with Pippin Hill Farm owners Lynn and Dean Andrews. No wonder a recent post on the “Red Pump” (we predict people will just naturally shorten it to this, a la Skybar) Facebook page has the new owners down in San Miguel, Mexico (again) having custom-made tables and chairs built for the new restaurant. They’re going for a sophisticated, yet casual trattoria vibe (though inspiration for dishes will come from other Mediterranean regions) , complete with a wood-fired pizza oven, home-made pasta, tasty cured meats and cheeses, and a focus on locally sourced foods, of course.  They promise a “lively social atmosphere where family and friends can gather,” and are shooting for an May 2014 opening. Stay tuned.

Correction: 2/21/2014: According to the folks at Red Pump, the official name will be “Red Pump, A Tuscan Kitchen.”

“We hope to take fine dining on the downtown mall to the next level,”says Peter de Saint Phalle, the marketing director for the restaurant group.  “We will focus on supporting local farms and featuring organic meats and produce in our menu. Pizza here is thin crusted, wood fired, and topped with fresh ingredients of the highest quality.”

Saint Phalle emphasized that the Red Pump will not be a late night bar, but rather a “elegant atmosphere where family and friends can gather and feel at home with our staff.”

Quality will be an emphasis as well, from their signature cocktails and local wines, to their house made pastas.

“We are dedicated living up to their expectations. Our inspiration is in our name. Tuscan cooking relies on hardy food that won’t weigh you down. Fresh vegetables, olive oil rather than butter, baked rather than fried. For us, healthy plus hardy equals happiness.”


Public Fish & Oyster to open on West Main

In Food & Wine, Restaurant closing, Restaurant opening on January 29, 2014 at 12:11 pm

Oyster placeAs some of you might know, the DTM’s neighbor One Meatball Place at 513 West Main Street has closed, giving way to a place called Public Fish & Oyster, an East Coast seafood and raw bar place. Now they’ve announced they will be opening on February 4. Former Camino chef Matt Turner is in the kitchen and former Farmington Country Club manager Daniel Kaufman is the GM. Check out the menu below. Oh, they are also looking for bartenders, servers, and experienced oyster shuckers.

•    Raw Bar
◦    Oysters on the Half Shelldaily selection
◦    Middleneck Clams on the Half Shell 1/2 doz.daily selection
◦    Chilled Shrimp Cocktail 1/2 doz.cocktail sauce

•    Salads
◦    Beetsheirloom beets, orange, pistachio, orange vinaigrette, Greek yogurt 
◦    Baby Greenshot house cucumber, sesame vinaigrette

•    Starters
◦    Seared Yellowfin Tuna Carpaccioseeded crust, olive tapenade citronette, roasted pepper scapece, basil 
◦    Clam ChowderVirginia clams, sherry, leeks, cream, fingerling potato, crispy pancetta 
◦    Broiled Virginia Oysterslocal cheek bacon, celery leaf, fennel, herbs, panko
◦    Salmon Rillettessmoked and roasted salmon pâte, pernod, crème fraiche, yogurt flatbread
◦    Pork Belly Sausagelocal sausage, stewed lentils, root vegetables, apple mostarda 

•    Moules Frites
◦    Mediterranean smoked Spanish chorizo, saffron, fennel, roast tomato 
◦    Marinierewhite wine, shallot, lemon, parsley, splash of cream
◦    Provençal white wine, garlic, tomato, capers, herbs, olive oil
◦    Bangkokred curry, coconut milk, kafir lime leaf, basil, crispy shallots

•    Entrees
◦    Roasted Whole Fishdaily preparation
 Market Price
◦    Virginia Rockfishfennel pollen crust, shellfish ragu, creamy stone ground grits
◦    Crab Cakeswinter radish-carrot salad, hazelnut, mustard sauce, leek–potato gratin
◦    Virginia Trout Filetfrench lentils, smoked bacon, cider braised kale, pippin apple vinaigrette
◦    Seafood Stewmelange of fish and shellfish, butternut squash, chickpeas, Sicilian style spicy broth, thyme pangrattato 
◦    Half Roasted Chickenpotato gratin, glazed root vegetables, ham hock gastrique 
◦    Composed Vegetablesdaily preparation
◦    Steak FritesNY Strip, green peppercorn sauce, ham-hock gastrique

•    Something Extra for the Table
◦    Benne BeansFrench green beans, sesame seeds, shallot, sorghum butter 
◦    Leek-Potato Gratingruyere cheese 
◦    House Cut Belgian Friestwice cooked, sea salt, aioli
◦    Stewed LentilsFrench green lentils, pancetta, apple, carrot

•    Desserts
◦    Homemade Chocolate Gelatonuts and cherries 6
◦    Pippin Apple Gallettevanilla bean gelato, salted caramel
◦    Orange-Cinnamon Crème Brûlée 7
◦    Beignetsmeyer lemon crème filling, stewed blueberries

X Lounge X’d for Glass Haus Kitchen

In Food & Wine, Restaurant closing, Restaurant opening on October 16, 2012 at 1:26 pm

The Hook–Last Saturday night, October 13, was the last dance at the X Lounge, which brought fine dining and clubbing downtown to the Glass Building in 2006. Indeed, it wasn’t uncommon to experience a big city-type urban vibe in the place, helped along by one of downtown’s most edgy and elegantly designed interiors, plus a mixed crowed from all sides of the tracks. The place had been sputtering in the last several months, closing for lengths of time and switching to a private parties-only concept, but now it appears that partners J.F. Legault and Francois Bladt, along with chef Ian Boden (pictured) of Staunton Grocery fame (and more recently the chef at Blue Light), have decided to create a whole new concept for the space. Glass Haus Kitchen, which will serve “inspired American Cuisine.”

“We were looking to get back to our roots, which lie in chef-driven, customer-centric dining and hospitality experiences,” says Legault in a statement. “We quickly picked up on Ian’s culinary passion. That provided the impetus for the new project.”

“My goal with The Glass Haus Kitchen is to offer a great culinary experience in Charlottesville, just like I did in Staunton,” says Boden. “From Spring to Fall, I am confident that we can achieve a 90 percent local and regional food source.”

Look for the Glass Haus Kitchen to open near the end of October.

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