Video: Jamie Dyer & The Hogwaller Ramblers at Fellini’s

Formed in the early 1990s, and transforming ever since then, The Hogwaller Ramblers are perhaps Charlottesville’s greatest un-signed band, and they play every Sunday now at Fellini’s. Frontman Jamie Dyer, the only original member left, has managed to keep this band of rogues together for so long, we guess, because when you’re in it it’s about the music, nothing else. Y’all really should check them out on Sundays.

PS: apologies to the lovely violinist Cathy Monnes, who is not mentioned in the video, but who was playing with the Ramblers the night we visited. Sorry, too, to banjo player Jimmy Stelling, who I did not get to interview before my camera broke…lol

Music Video

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