New DTM restaurant: P4 to become Red Pump, A Tuscan Kitchen

Red Pump Tuscan Kitchen Facebook page.
Red Pump Tuscan Kitchen Facebook page.

You’ve probably noticed that Positively 4th Street has been closed and gutted. That’s because its going to become the Red Pump Tuscan Kitchen. Looks like there are some heavy hitters behind the venture, too, namely DMB manager Coran Capshaw and P4 owner Alan Taylor, along with Pippin Hill Farm owners Lynn and Dean Andrews. No wonder a recent post on the “Red Pump” (we predict people will just naturally shorten it to this, a la Skybar) Facebook page has the new owners down in San Miguel, Mexico (again) having custom-made tables and chairs built for the new restaurant. They’re going for a sophisticated, yet casual trattoria vibe (though inspiration for dishes will come from other Mediterranean regions) , complete with a wood-fired pizza oven, home-made pasta, tasty cured meats and cheeses, and a focus on locally sourced foods, of course.  They promise a “lively social atmosphere where family and friends can gather,” and are shooting for an May 2014 opening. Stay tuned.

Correction: 2/21/2014: According to the folks at Red Pump, the official name will be “Red Pump, A Tuscan Kitchen.”

“We hope to take fine dining on the downtown mall to the next level,”says Peter de Saint Phalle, the marketing director for the restaurant group.  “We will focus on supporting local farms and featuring organic meats and produce in our menu. Pizza here is thin crusted, wood fired, and topped with fresh ingredients of the highest quality.”

Saint Phalle emphasized that the Red Pump will not be a late night bar, but rather a “elegant atmosphere where family and friends can gather and feel at home with our staff.”

Quality will be an emphasis as well, from their signature cocktails and local wines, to their house made pastas.

“We are dedicated living up to their expectations. Our inspiration is in our name. Tuscan cooking relies on hardy food that won’t weigh you down. Fresh vegetables, olive oil rather than butter, baked rather than fried. For us, healthy plus hardy equals happiness.”

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