Take Note: Shows at the Twisted Branch tea Bazaar through September

9tjzx9o263pp93j3nz8uSeptember 10, 2014 9:00 pm – 12:00 am $5

60’s inspired Garage/Pop/Rock from Wilmington, NC

Cville sweeties, recordings coming soon!

September 19, 2014 9:00 pm – 12:00 am $7

Mail the Horse found their start in coastal New Hampshire but moved their straight rocking sound to Brooklyn a couple years ago where it could drink too much, work too much, fall asleep on the subway, get robbed by a bum, and learn how to have a sense of humor about how sometimes life sucks all the time. This new city-soaked sound now finds it’s physical manifestation in the form of a 12” LP called Great Kills. The record plays like a collection of love songs to the failure of love and while there is little love on this record there is plenty of proof that it exists. Sonically the band has one foot grounded in the tradition of master craftsmen like Bob and Bruce, but this is clearly a band that listens and understands that great rock music is always changing. What comes out wears something like jeans between a working man’s boot-cut and the slim fitting tapers of MTH’s Brooklyn neighbors. Great Kills is sturdy, reliable rock and roll that still demands you to listen to better music than your parents did.

Americana country punk from Richmond, VA

Red and the Romantics is based in Charlottesville, VA. We make all original music crossing over many genres. Music has brought us together. Music is our passion and our language. We perform with the hope to inspire our audience to move, think and feel something. Together, we are like a family with love and trust. Every time we play, something magic happens- a new song brought to life, a couple in the audience falls deeper in love, a group of dancers brings about a truly powerful expression. We always have a memory to take home that feeds our fire and compels us to continue along this path together. There is an abundance of musical experience and diversity in this group ranging from gospel church music to heavy metal. The songs come from the life experiences and imagination of Erik Red Knierim. These songs are enriched and fortified with the rhythms and melodic phrases of the Romantics.

September 27, 2014 9:00 pm – 12:00 am $7
RVA punk & garage

the boys who made limited contrition + be stiff, RVA punk

Cville pop-punk kings

September 29, 2014 9:00 pm – 12:00 am  $7

EDH (Emmanuelle de Héricourt) is a french singer/songwriter. Her unique sound combines her disembodied and fragile voice with strong and driving melodies. During the past decade, she has maintained a amazingly prolific pace, composing and recording non‐stop, releasing only a fraction of her output. This includes her acclaimed contributions to Hypo’s albums (Active Suspension label) and “The Correct Use of Pets”, winner of the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards (2006). Since her return to Paris from New York in 2003, she released several small treasures: Her first official album “Morgen” (2003) came out on the Japanese label IntikRec (dDamage, Aonami…). In 2008, the American rapper Subtitle convinced her to release her New York productions. The result is a wonderfully obscure album : “New York tracks 2001‐2002” (Matte Black Editions). In 2008 she joined Elise Pierre in operating the Parisian record label Lentonia Records.

Alejandra Felmer better known by her stage name Alex June is a Chilean artist, musician, born in France but raised in Chili. In 2007, she decides to settle down in the french capital in order to study fine art. In Paris she became involved with the underground electropop music scene. She’s modelling her world and extended her talant on artistic association, like singing in Sydney Valette album or developing electro pop­art projects, like drawing, videos, joylery.

“The Babysitters” was her first band in Paris with two of her chilean mates. It’s during one of their performances than Lentonia Records met her. When later on, the band’s members went back to Chili, Alejandra started a solo project under the name of Alex June and release her first EP end of october 2012 on Lentonia Records. She spreads her pink­dark field, both dramatic and galactic which fully finds itself into her music but also with the imagery she handles as a master. Accompanied by some 80’s synths like « Giorgio Moroder « or « Kraftwerk », Alex June first album “Big Bang”mixes her diva voice with new minimalist, glam’pop influences like Grimes.

Cville elextronic ambient GOTH

Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
414 E Main St.
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Business Phone( not for booking): (434) 293-9947
E-Mail: info@teabazaar.com

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