Ununite the Right: Charlottesville responds by taking names and…(Updated)

Charlottesville has responded to summer of 2017’s deadly rally by going after the nazis and white supremacists, one by one, who thought it was a good idea to come here. As a result, the list of those facing criminal charges, jail time, lawsuits, job losses, and being ostracized by their own families and communities keeps growing. So we’re compiling a list of casualties. Please feel free to mention any we missed! #charlottesville #A12


6/15/2020 – Lawyer for white nationalist Richard Spencer wants out of Charlottesville rally violence case

2/13/2020 – Fred Arena — who participated in the deadly 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, but lied to the government about his racist activities so that he could keep a job at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, where he had national security clearance — is scheduled to be sentenced in federal court in Philadelphia.

9/18/19: Self-described “antifa hunter” Daniel McMahon, 31, of Brandon, Florida [a neo-nazi who uses the aliases “Jack Corbin” & “Pale Horse” online and has been threatening people for years] arrested and charged with making “racially-motivated threats against a prospective candidate that interfered with a local election for City Council in Charlottesville, Virginia.

8/27/19: Fourth attacker sentenced in Charlottesville parking garage beating of black man

6/29/19: James Fields sentenced to life in prison in U.S. District Court in Charlottesville for 29 federal hate crimes.

5/3/19 – Two key members of a white supremacist group based in Southern California pleaded guilty Friday to conspiring to riot for their roles in provoking violence at a deadly far-right rally in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017.

3/28/19 – Charlottesville car attacker (James Fields) pleads guilty to 29 hate crimes and avoids the death penalty

2/18/2019 – Charlottesville rally lawsuit to proceed despite Nathan Damigo’s bankruptcy filing

2/8/2019 – Florida Man Guilty of Malicious Wounding in Downtown Charlottesville Florida Man Guilty of Malicious Wounding in Downtown Charlottesville (Fifty-year-old Tyler Watkins Davis)

1/7/2019 – Daniel Borden, 19, who attended Mason Schools in Warren County for several years, entered an Alford plea last year. That means while he didn’t admit guilt, he acknowledged prosecutors had enough evidence to convict him. He is scheduled to be sentenced Monday afternoon for malicious wounding and could face up to 20 years in prison.

12/11/2018 – James Fields sentenced to life in prison.

12/18 – James Fields goes on trial.

10/24/2018 –  Two others, Robert Boman and Tyler Laube, were arrested Wednesday morning and Aaron Eason remains at large, Mrozek said. All four are charged with traveling to incite or participate in riots.

10/23/2018 –FBI arrests leader of neo-Nazi gang who fled to Central America

Robert Paul Rundo, the leader of the Rise Above Movement, a violent neo-Nazi gang based in Southern California that participated in the the 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, is arrested by the FBI in Mexico.

10/2/2018 – Four men were slapped with federal conspiracy charges related to the rallies on Aug. 11 and 12: Cole Evan White, Benjamin Drake Daley, Michael Paul Miselis and Thomas Walter Gillen, each identified as marchers in either the torch rally on campus or the deadly gathering at the park the next day.

8/18 –KKK leader gets 4 years for firing gun at 2017 Charlottesville rally

8/12/18 – Only about 20 people show up for Jason Kessler’s UTR-2 rally in DC.

7/5/18 – 29-year-old Michael Miselis, a member of the Rise Above Movement (RAM), a Southern California group identified by the Anti-Defamation League as a white supremacist group, is identified as participating in the Charlottesville rally. Miselis holds a government security clearance as part of his work for contractor Northrop Grumman, which operates a plant in Redondo Beach, Calif., near the University of California, Los Angeles, where Miselis is enrolled in an aerospace engineering program. Miselis denied any involvement in the Charlottesville protests when confronted at his house by PBS Frontline journalists. But a ProPublica–Frontline investigation published Thursday identified him.

6/27/18 – Driver in Charlottesville Attack Indicted on 30 Federal Counts of Hate Crimes

6/19/18 – Lance Cpl. Vasillios Pistolis, a U.S. Marine who marched with neo-Nazis on A12 and bragged online about participating the violence, found guilty in a summary court-martial.

  • Michael Hill, the President of the League of the South: afraid to come back to Charlottesville
  • Richard Spencer, the man often credited with being the face of the white nationalist “alt-right” movement: his lawyer quit, and he’s begging for money now because of lawsuits against him.
  • John Ramondetta, known as Johnny Monoxide on white supremacist and neo-Nazi social media sites, lost his job as a Bay Area union electrician while working on a project for Rosendin Electric.
  • Peter Cvjetanovic: University of Nevada, Reno student resigned from his job as a driver for the campus escort service after a photo of him at the UVA torchlight rally went viral. A petition on Change.org seeking calling on University President Marc Johnson to expel Cvjetanovic has received more than 36,000 signatures.
  • Andrew Alexander Murphy Harkins: a home mortgage consultant for Wells Fargo from Portland, Oregon looses his job after photos of him at the Unite the Right rally went viral.
  • Terrance Hightower was fired from his job at Mojo Burrito in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  • Ryan Roy was fired from his job at Uno Pizzeria and Grill in South Burlington, Vermont.
  • Nigel Krofta was fired from his job at Limehouse & Sons Inc. in Ladson, South Carolina.
  • Cole White “resigned” from his job at hot dog joint Top Dog in Berkeley, California.
  • Morris Rinehardt, a police officer in Shively, Kentucy, was placed on administrative leave for making light of the attack that left one person dead.
  • Peter Tefft of Fargo, North Dakotoa was publicly disowned by his own father.
  • Brad Griffin, a self-described Southern nationalist who is a member of League of the South and who runs the influential alt-right website Occidental Dissent: won’t come back because he’s upset police didn’t protect him.
  • Jacob Scott Goodwin: convicted of assault
  • Richard Preston: found guilty of firing a gun at the rally
  • Lance Corporal Vasillios Pistolis: an active duty Marine who attended the rally, and who is now being investigated by the U.S. Marine Corps.
  • Alex Michael Ramos: convicted of assault.
  • Mike “Enoch” Peinovich, an alt-right podcaster: cites “Antifa thugs” as reason for not coming back.
  • James Fields: awaiting trial for murder
  • Matthew Heimbach, leader of neo-Nazi group Traditionalist Worker’s Party: has only five members now, and Heimbach was recently arrested on a domestic violence charge. He also recently got jail time for shoving a black college student at a Trump rally in 2017.
  • Podcaster Christopher “Crying Nazi” Cantwell: awaiting trial on felony charges
  • Andrew Anglin, editor of the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer: did not attend rally, but implicated in federal lawsuits for allegedly inciting violence. Has called last year’s rally a “gigantic premature ejaculation” by the alt-right.
  • Jason Kessler, Unite the Right rally organizer: now pondering the irony of the name he chose for his event.
  • Daniel Borden, who was 18 when he came to town for the August 12 rally, entered an Alford plea and was found guilty of malicious wounding for attacking DeAndre Harris.

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