“Little C’ville” comes to the Discovery Museum

The Virginia Discovery Museum, the DTM’s go-to place for the wee ones, has a new exhibit: Little C’Ville.

Think of it as local urban geography lesson for kids. There’s a play Panera, a play Paramount Theater, etc. The Panera comes complete with bread trays, cash registers, tables and chairs, and kids will be able to bake their own bread and make a sandwich. Panera, of course, is a sponsor. To kick off the new exhibit, there’s a private opening September 27 at 6:30pm with drinks donated by Commonwealth Restaurant and Bar, including a signature drink, the Discovertini, and a Bread Bar provided by Panera with support from Harvest Moon.

“The support of donors, both individuals and corporations, has enabled us to make these improvements, and we are extremely grateful to them,” said Amy Wicks-Horn, the museum’s director, adding, “We are committed to seeking better ways to deliver early childhood experiences that will get children ready for school and bring families together and we invite you to join us! “

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